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Project Management

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Group Planning


Planning Discussions

Based on "Conversation Cards"

Omaggio Hadley,A. (2001).Teaching language in context (3rd ed.) Boston: Heinle & Heinle.  pp. 242-4


PURPOSE: Use groups of 3 and conversation cards (conversation card template here) to structure discussions for...
  • topical student interest assessment
  • research planning
  • research reflection
  • presentation/final product planning
  • presentation/final product organization 
Create groups of 3 and assign roles (you may elect to let students choose later, after they are comfortable with the format): Partner 1, Partner 2, and Monitor.
The Partners will receive different lists of questions in English (or prompts in target language for more advanced learners) that they will have to formulate in the target language.
The Monitor is in charge of helping the Partners formulate their questions accurately and keeping the conversation going with follow-up questions (this is why I usually assign a more proficient student to the Monitor role).
  • Template
  • Country/travel research reflection (docx)
  • School recruitment video product planning (docx)
  • School recruitment video product organization (docx)
  • Cooking show video product planning (docx)


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