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I can do this!

Page history last edited by Elizabeth Caspari 7 years ago

Bethanie here:  "I can..." statements have become the proficiency backbone of my classes.  Many thanks to the crew at JCPS for getting me started on them!  I'll be updating them as the new curriculum takes shape, but in the meantime, here's what I used last term:


Spanish 2 "I can..." goals

Spanish 3 Honors "I can... goals"


Maris: I will add some of mine here.  I only have one here and more at school.

Spanish 1:


(We split Spanish 1 into two years, so this would be midway through Spanish 1.)


Elizabeth: I haven't used or even proofed these "I can..." unit stamps yet. I am going to teach French II for the 1st time in ages, so I used the Bien Dit text and our district curric. guide to write these today. They are sure to change a lot, but I'm posting them in case someone else is doing a similar course.  French II I can... stamps 

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