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Page history last edited by Heather Witten 6 years, 1 month ago

What resources do we need to collect to best help design AP curriculum? Texts? Test practice? Prompts? Directory of classes for interpersonal exchanges?


AP French teachers: @natadel76 @sasjacy @dr_dmd

AP Spanish teachers; @esantacruz13  @tiesamgraf @karacjacobs @mweelin @yeager85 @secottrell


We know the unit themes for AP are:

  • Beauty and Aesthetics
    Architecture, Defining beauty, Defining creativity, Fashion & design, Language & literature, Visual & performing arts
  • Contemporary Life
    Education & careers, Entertainment, Travel & leisure, Lifestyles, Relationships, Social customs & values, Volunteerism
  • Families and Communities
    Customs & values, Educational communities, Family structure, Global citizenship, Human geography, Social networking
  • Global Challenges
    Economic issues, Environmental issues, Philosophical thought & religion, Population demographics, Social welfare, Social conscience
  • Personal and Public Identities
    Alienation & assimilation, Heroes & historical figures, National & ethnic identities, Personal beliefs, Personal interests, Self-image 
  • Science and Technology
    Access to technology, Effects of technology on self & society, Health care & medicine, Innovations, Natural phenomena, Science & ethics


(@jeanrueckert) Please refer to my developing notes from my AP Institute in our shared archive in GoogleDrive.  I've created a new folder, "AP Resources" and placed Jordan's document in there, as well.  I would highly recommend participating in an AP institute with a solid reputations, if you never have.  You'll walk out with numerous resources and ideas from experienced teachers who are often readers themselves.  This was my second, and I wasn't disappointed (at LaSalle University first, and this summer at Carleton College in MN).  I'm learning that not all are created 'equal'.


(@secottrell) I have just had my syllabus authorized by the College Board and blogged about it here.  You can also read and comment on the list of tips I got from an AP French teacher and blogged about here.


(@SraWitten) I just uploaded a document shared at AATSP last summer(Experiencias Tematicas). I have used it to have students do homework with current events. They have to do one category every month, which included finding six articles the chosen Unit Theme and then choosing one to write an essay about answering the given questions.   


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Jennifer said

at 11:34 pm on Jul 30, 2013

@senorageroux- I am currently attending a Summer APSI workshop with Daniel Bender in Michigan. I have an Evernote Notebook which I started and I trying to collect my notes in there. You can find the public link here: https://www.evernote.com/pub/jgeroux8/apsummerinstitute2013
There will be more added as the week goes on!

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