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Genius Hour

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Support and Scaffolding







Check out the 20 Time and World Languages #LangCamp folder for some resources, developing ideas, and lively discussion. Here are some links we've assembled so far:



Comments (5)

Jennifer said

at 10:48 pm on Jun 27, 2013

We did start a Google Doc for this particular topic if you are interested in joining that, please e-mail me at: jdewitt8@gmail.com.

Kristin Pontarelli said

at 8:49 am on Jul 13, 2013

I am intrigued by the Genius Hour concept. I would love to implement it in my classes, however, I'm not really sure how to begin, which direction I should give my students and what parameters should be given so that the time is not wasted. I do have a series of "Student Choice" questions that may be a springboard for a project for them. Does the Genius Hour always result in a final project?

Garnet Hillman said

at 8:57 am on Jul 13, 2013

It does usually culminate with something, I am going to have my students present their projects at the end of the year. I am also delving into how to take them a step farther via @angelamaiers Choose2Matter program. Students would find their passions, learn about them in the context of Spanish (language, culture, etc.), and then take their passions and decide how they could change the world with them!

Sarah said

at 9:41 am on Jul 13, 2013

Is the google doc in the folder already, or do we need to request special access?

Garnet Hillman said

at 9:55 am on Jul 13, 2013

It is in the folder, I think it is called 20% time and World Languages

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