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Genius Hour 2013

Page history last edited by Laura Sexton 6 years, 3 months ago

Getting Started

Check out the 20 Time and World Languages #LangCamp folder for some resources, developing ideas, and lively discussion. Here are some links we've assembled so far:



Questions we're working on include...


  • How often should we use Genius Hour?


Once weekly? 2 days a week? Partial or complete class periods?

  • How many projects should we aim for throughout the year?

One each grading period? One all year?

  • Should topics be limited to the Spanish language/culture?
    "Countries" projects? Connections to other classes? Purpose/application of TL? More freedom after novice levels? Connect student pet topics to other countries?
  • How much TL should we require? 
    Less at the novice level? Required vocabulary as part of the research? Incorporate the three modes?


@srapontarelli -- I asked this question below, but I am stumped as to how to introduce the Genius Hour concept and how to get started with it in class.  I am assuming that there needs to be some sort of final project.  Would others deem that a quarterly project, semester, etc.?  I



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