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Badges Gallery

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Badges tend to work best at 100 x 100 pixels, so for the purpose of organization and easy transfer, please make sure any badges you add to the gallery fit these limitations. Please also include a title and description for any badges submitted.



Standards from Linguafolio or ACTFL/NCCSFL


Novice Low Listening


Novice Low Reading


Novice Low Person-to-Person


Novice Low Speaking


Novice Low Writing


Novice Mid Listening


Novice Mid Reading


Novice Mid Person-to-Person


Novice Mid Speaking


Novice Mid Writing






21st Century Skills

 Participante Activo

(click badge for description)


Amigo Amable

(click badge for description)


Responsabilidad Personal

(click badge for description)







Academic Behaviors


Sin Miedo

(click badge for description)

 Máxima Pasión

(click badge for description)


Hole in One

(click badge for description)






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