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Hangout Video Archive 2014

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Comprehensible Input 1            July 24, 2014

Laura Sexton, Cameron Taylor, Beth Leidolf, Emily Fritz, Amy Cooper



Authentic Resources 1   July 18, 2014

Laura Sexton, Dana Pilla, Emily Fritz, Patty Niebauer, Ryan Culpepper


Project-Based Learning     July 23, 2014 

Laura Sexton, Patty Niebauer, Haydee Arnold




Comprehensible Input 2            July 31, 2014

Carrie Toth*Martina Bex*, Laura Sexton, Patty Niebauer, Cameron Taylor,

Amanda Mora, Corie Bednar


Authentic Resources 2    July 28, 2014

Dana Pilla, Jean Rueckert, Patty Niebauer, Haydee Arnold


Student Choice        July 30, 2014

Laura Sexton, Haydee Arnold, Patty Niebauer







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