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LangCamp '15

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Welcome to #LangCamp 2015!

This is our virtual retreat for world language educators, wherever they are, to collaborate in curriculum development. The idea started with a #Langchat discussion on Twitter (every Thursday at 8pm EST and now Saturday mornings at 10am EST) toward the end of the 2012-2013 school year, and since we couldn't all make it to the beach before school started back, we made plans to meet online to discuss changes we wanted to make in our curriculum over the summer.



How do I join?

We will be doing the bulk of our organizing through our Google Community, including forum posts and scheduling online meetings. Log in to Google and sign up here to join in:


LangCamp Google Community


Of course you can post a comment on the Community or tweet any time, day or night, but we will be scheduling times talk to each other in real time on specific topics. We will post a survey posted on the LangCamp Google Community and send out Doodle surveys to set up times.


For now we plan to only scheduled weekday Hangouts, and we will try to schedule no more than one topic per day, but anyone can organize a Hangout and invite Community members any time!


How will we collaborate?

Of course we have the Google Community and #LangCamp hashtag on Twitter for exchanges of <140 characters, but we also hope to "meet" online and collect resources, develop ideas, and generally teach each other. This wiki will be our central hub for coordinating meetings and resources. We will be using the following platforms to share ideas:



Past Topics


See recorded Hangouts here!






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