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Hangout Video Archive 2015

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Check out archives from 2014 here! 

Authentic Resources            July 1, 2015

Laura Sexton, Alison Schemmer, Kathy Griffith,  Shane Braverman, 

Ken Wong, Ash Landes, Stephanie Carbonneau,

Nancy Stevens, Bethanie Drew


Interactive Notebooks   July 7, 2015

Laura Sexton, Barbara Clouser, Cristina Rodriguez, Mira Canion,

Rachel Grandis, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell,  Pattie Niebauer, Marketta Parker



Focus on Proficiency   July 13, 2015

Laura Sexton, Sarah Bolaños, Barbara Clouser, Myra Johnson, Deborah Blaz, 

Nancy Valdes


Circumlocution   July 20, 2015

Laura Sexton, Rachel Ash, Regina Westfall, Jennifer Huguely



#LangBook: Make It Stick   July 30, 2015

Laura Sexton, Kris Climer,  Sarah Bolaños, Douglass Crouse

Project-Based Learning            July 6, 2015

Laura Sexton, Shane Braverman, Ash Landes, Sharin Tebo, Ricardo Calderon,

Luz Ramirez, Jennifer Bibby, Angela Datz, Viviana Tracy 



Rubrics & Feedback    July 8, 2015

Laura Sexton, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, Sharin Tebo, Cecile Laine,

Barbara Clouser, Myra Johnson, Melissa Karigan



Classroom Procedures & Routines   July 14, 2015

Laura Sexton, Melissa Karigan, Linda Kelchner, Jennifer Hugueley



The Role of Grammar   July 27, 2015

Laura Sexton, Kris Climer, Sarah Bolaños













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